WELCOME !Dortmund Mattioli

My name is Dortmund Mattioli and I am a Reiki Master.  This means that I am trained to provide a type of energy healing called Reiki. Reiki can be used to help heal you on many levels including physically, emotionally and even spiritually.  It always promotes feelings of relaxation and peacefulness.

I am also a Consciuous Channeler which means that I allow high level, loving spiritual beings and angels to speak directly to you, through me and I remain conscious or aware during the process.  They provide you with spiritual wisdom, messages and guidance to help teach, guide, heal and help you with your challenges, problems or spiritual awakening.

I have been on my spiritual journey for many years and have always had a natural affinity for helping others.  My general life purpose is to help and heal people for their highest good. I have learned alot of lessons the hard way, through trial and error.  Eventually, I started learning to listen to and follow my intuition, to help guide me through life. Whenever I followed my intuition, things happened easier and they felt "right".

We are all on our own personal journeys, being busy juggling daily responsibilities, work, family, friends and striving for things that we want or need.   We generally search for happiness and fulfillment in things outside of ourselves in things like material possessions, relationships etc.  We may tend to ignore our "inner voice" or gut feelings regarding people, situations, what to do or where to go.  Listening to, trusting and following your intuition is the best way to find more happiness, meaning and fulfillment in your life.  You may start to notice more "coincidences" in your life, have unusual experiences or be drawn to certain people, places or things and you may start to wonder about these events.  You may begin looking for meaning or answers regarding these new feelings, experiences or events and I suggest that you look towards spiritual topics for understanding.  

I believe that there are and will continute to be more and more people who will be going through these types of experiences, as they go through various changes, becoming more spiritually awareThis is all apart of your personal and spiritual journey, as you learn important life lessons and become aware of your inner wisdom. There is a shift and expansion of human consciousness occurring now that is raising the awareness of more and more people to their life purpose, so that we may unite together to change and improve our world for the better!

We often cannot "see the forest for the trees" but as you climb higher up the mountain, you get a better view and can see the forest or the bigger picture more easily.  Similarly, as we become more spiritually aware, we gain different perspective and understanding of life.  We are all on the same journey, just taking different paths.  So, I believe that we are all here to help each other and work harmoniously together, to improve the world we live in.  Life is like one big jig saw puzzle and we are each one piece of the puzzle or big picture.   So, we each need to do our part. 



The main purpose of this website is to provide you with interesting and inspirational information on a variety of spiritual topics, to help you to learn, grow and become more spiritually aware. I want you to reach your full potential and be personally fullfilled. 

I ask you to be open minded and consider new ideas and possibilities. Knowledge leads to understanding which leads to awareness, growth and fulfillment.  I am a strong believer in being a continuous learner.  I want to help make your journey through life more smooth, easy and meaningful.  I hope to do this by providing you with important, spiritually related, knowledge and ideas that you may not be exposed to anywhere else or may not be comfortable asking about.

The other purpose is to inform you about the services and events that I facilitate to help you to relax, heal and receive spiritual guidance directly from high level, loving spirits and angles.

I hope that you find this website informative and inspirational.  Feel free to Contact Me if you are interested in any of my services or would like to share any feedback, ideas or comments. 



  Today is the first day of the rest of your life!   What are you going to do differently to improve your life or the lives of others?