MY BACKGROUND

I have been on a spiritual path and committed to helping people for a long time.  I have a love for and connection with animals, that originally motivated me to go to university to become a veterinarian.  During my studies, I realized that I also wanted to work with and help people.  So, I decided to help people professionally and animals personally.  I decided to work more directly with people because I believe in " The Ripple Effect".   If a stone is thrown into the water, it creates ripples emanating outward, affecting  all of the surrounding water.  Basically, I felt that I could have a greater impact upon the world working with people, due to this ripple effect.  So, people that I help or influence positively in some way, may in turn help or do something positive for someone else, who in turn may help someone else. This is also similar to the idea of a smile being contagious or the movie Pay It Forward.     

I graduated with a university degree in psychology and volunteered at local humane societies or animal shelters in my spare time.  I have worked with children and youth who were affected by various issues and behavioral problems including: The Ripple Effect                                                                                                       

  • Autism and Asperser Syndrome 
  • Physical and Sexual abuse                                                
  • Learning Disabilities                                                                                                                          
  • Self Harming and Suicidal Behavior 
  • Emotional Trauma and Neglect 
  • Behavioral difficulties such as verbal and physical aggression 
  • Low self confidence 
  • Various Disorders such as ADHD, ADD, FAS and Tourettes 
  • Violent and criminal behavior  
  • Relationship and Attachment issues 


For several years, I studied a Japanese martial art called Aikido, which operates on principles of non-resistance and circular motion. It involves blending with and redirecting your opponents energy. Aikido means "The way of harmony with universal energy". Studying Aikido was my first real introduction to working with universal energy and alternative healing, as our teacher or sensei also taught us acupressure. This is the same as acupuncture but without the needles and uses the energy meridians throughout the body.


I have always been an empathetic and compassionate person and I gradually became increasingly interested in spiritual topics due to various spiritual experiences. I was experiencing alot of "coincidences" and intuitive messages. I was drawn intuitively to Reiki, as I had an inner "knowing" that I was suppose to do it for a while but did not act on it. I would receive various signs pointing me to it such as my hands becoming warm spontaneously or people talking to me about Reiki or healing. So, I finally took the courses and started facilitating healings for people. During these Reiki sessions, I began having more experiences with angels and spiritual beings that would assist with healing the person or provide messages for them. I feel honored to be able to work with these enlightened beings and facilitate any help, healing or guidance for people on their personal journeys. My own journey has been interesting, challenging and enjoyable so far and I look forward to see where it leads.



I am a strong believer in continuous learning, as the human potential is limitless. So, to develop my own spiritual knowledge and personal growth, I have taken many different seminars, workshops and courses including:


  • Usui System of Reiki Healing (Master Level) 
  • Reiki with Crystals and Crystal Healing 
  • Angel Therapy and Spirit Communication 
  • Shamanism and completed a Shamanic Vision Quest 
  • Angel workshops with Doreen Virtue and others    
  • The Teachings of Abraham with Esther and Jerry Hicks    
  • Intuition, Meditation and Dream Interpretation    
  • Peaceful Warrior Training with Dan Millman    
  • Zen Buddhism and lived in a Zen Buddhist Temple