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REIKI (Energy Healing)

In Person Sessions   

$30.00 / 30 minutes        $60.00 / 60 minutes        $90.00 / 90 minutes  

These sessions are done in a beautiful Dundas, Ontario, Canada location but I am able to go to your home or location of your choice. There may be an extra fee for this, depending on the distance to your location.  Sessions will generally include   5 - 15 minutes of discussion about your experience and any spiritual or intuitive messages I may receive for you.  I am flexible with the time, depending on the situation.


 *** Your session may also include channeled messages from high level spiritual guides and beings! ***


Distance Reiki Sessions

$20.00 / session (about 20 - 30 minutes)

These sessions are performed while you are at your home and I am in a different location. The amount of distance is irrelevant, so it does not matter where you are located.  Please contact me to arrange a session and use the PAY NOW button below to arrange payment.

Reiki for Animals

 Reiki For Animals 

$20.00 / session

I am comfortable with all types of animals including dogs, cats and horses. If you have a different type of animal thats great too!  It is best if I go to your location or the location of the animal, as they will be more comfortable in their own environment. This can also be done using Distance Reiki.





$100.00 / session ( approximately 1 hour)

Channeling is where high level spiritual beings, such as Archangels or Ascended Masters, speak to you, through me, to provide you with spiritual guidance, messages and insights to help you. You are able to interact with them and ask them questions, if you wish. The traditional type of channeling is called deep trance channeling, where the person goes into a deep trance and is not consciously present, while the spiritual being talks through them. I do a newer type of channeling called conscious channeling. This is where I am fully conscious and present during the channeling and I simply allow the spiritual being to talk to you through me. It is a cooperative union. Afterwards, we can discuss the experience.

If you are unable to attend a session in person, it is possible to have a session over the phone.  You can contact me to arrange this and use this PAY NOW button to arrange payment. 

Angel Card Readings

$30.00 / 30 minutes

Feel free to ask any questions and receive some spiritual guidance about any matters you may be curious or concerned about.  Readings usually consist of a more detailed 3 card reading for 1 to 2 questions you wish to ask or 3 one card readings.


Spiritual Guidance


 Spend time outdoors, in nature, and enjoy the moment!