ANGEL COMMUNICATION

Angel communication is also sometimes called divine guidance or spirit communication.  Angels want to communicate with you but they speak a "different language".  So, it is helpful for us to learn how to hear and understand angels by learning "their" language.  An analogy is that of learning a language from another country such as Italian, French or German, so that you can communicate with people who speak those languages.  This process is similar to developing your intuition as you are learning to develop abilities that you already have.  We are all spiritual beings learning to be human and having a human experience 

As children we were all naturally open spiritually and psychically, since we recently came from the spiritual realm.  There are often stories of children having imaginary friends, saying they spoke to deceased relatives, heard or seen things.  These events are often discounted and dismissed by adults as the child's imagination.  Since the adults often do not believe their "stories", most children learn to not talk about these experiences and "hide" them or discount them as well.  As a result, our natural ability to communicate with angels and spirit is often forgotten and lost as we get older.  So, in a way it is simply a matter of remembering how to communicate with angels and spirit.  Think back to your own childhood and ask yourself:

  1. Snow AngelDid I see angels or spirits or have imaginary friends?                                                       
  2. Did I hear voices or someone talking to me when no-one was around?                        
  3. Did I have "gut feelings" of what to do or not do?                                         
  4. Did I "just know" information with no real explanation of how?             
  5. Were these experiences discouraged or encouraged?
  6. When did you stop having these experiences?

Hopefully these questions will help you to remember some of these events and experiences.  This will help you identify and understand your current beliefs about angels and angel communication.  It is obviously helpful to release any related negativity or blocks from our childhood and believe that angel communication is possible.


There are 4 main methods or channels of angel communication or divine guidance.  They are Clairvoyance (clear seeing), Clairaudience (clear hearing), Clairsentience (clear feeling) and Claircognizance (clear knowing).  People tend to have a natural ability for one or two of these methods.  So, ask yourself which ones you relate to or experience as you read this information.  You have the ability to develop ALL of the methods of angel communication.  Like developing any ability it takes practice.  So, practice communicating with your angels and ask for divine guidance frequently.  Ask them to show you signs.  Then, tune in and pay attention to what you may see, hear, feel or just know.  Similar to following your intuition, just go with whatever comes to you and ideally write it down.  Refocus if you start to question or rationalize whatever you may experience.  Practice also involves keeping and open mind and learning to trust your instincts. 

When communicating with angels and spirits it is important to shield or protect yourself.  To do this, one simple method is to mentally imagine yourself surrounded by a bubble of white or pink light.  When you do you can say, "I call upon the white light of protection / pink light of love to surround me and only angels and spirits of light and love are welcome".  Another simple method is to play beautiful and relaxing music.

Doreen Virtue, Ph.D., is a former psychologist who is now a clairvoyant and an author of many excellent books about angels and angel communication.  She even holds courses on learning how to communicate with angels to become what she calls an Angel Therapy Practitioner.  I highly recommend her books about angels as they have tons of great information and are very interesting.  Portions of some of the books are even channeled or written by angels.  If you are new to angels, Doreen Virtue has a wonderful small introduction to angels book called "Angels 101".  It explains the meanings of angel messages which come in the form of numbers as well as the colors associated with different angels.

Clairvoyance  (Clear Seeing) 

This angel communication channel is related to your 3rd eye chakra, which is a point in the middle of your forehead between your eyes.  Clairvoyance is also sometimes called "spiritual sight".  This is where you see mental images, visions, angels, spirits, auras, orbs or angel lights in your dreams, in your mind's eye or "outside of your head", in the external world.  Most commonly, people see the images or mental movies "inside of their head", until their abilities fully develop.   These images are often messages from your angels to provide you with guidance, answer a question or simply to let you know they are with you.  Images, symbols, "signs" or numbers  may repeatedly "show up" in your life such as in dreams, pictures you see in magazines or in your day to day life. This may include seeing the same number or sequence of numbers repeatedly such as 444.  Seeing "signs" is when you find or see objects like feathers, coins or butterflies, especially if it is in unusual places or circumstances.  Seeing clouds in the shape of angels is another way that angels Angel Communicationgive us signs that they are with us.  If you see something 3 or more times, especially within a short period of time, it is definitely a message.  So, it is important to be mindful and pay attention to your environment. 

A couple of methods to develop your clairvoyant abilities come from a book called Messages from your Angels by Doreen Virtue.  One is simply to say positive affirmations such as "I am profoundly clairvoyant" or "I am highly visual".  Say them to yourself even if you do not believe it yet.  Eventually, you will believe.  Another simple method is to call upon the "Angels of Clairvoyance" by mentally saying, "Angels of Clairvoyance, I call upon you now.  Please surround my 3rd eye with your healing and clearing energy.  I ask for your help and assistance in fully opening my window of clairvoyance now.  Thank you."  You may notice tingling or pressure changes in your head as the angels do their work.  Check out Doreen Virtues books for more excellent information.

Clairaudience  (Clear Hearing)

This method of angel communication is connected with the ear chakras which are near your temples.  Clairaudience involves hearing the voice of angels or spirit.  This can take several different forms including hearing words, phrases, voices, whispering or music either in your head or externally.  You may hear your name being called upon awakening, ringing in your ears or hear beautiful sounding music when there is no external source.  The angel communication may also come from a song or lyric that repeats itself or that your attention is drawn to when listening to the radio or other music. 

Generally, you will need to ask your angels questions to get an auditory response.  So, ask questions and  trust that you will receive an answer.  You may get a response immediately or within a day.  If you do not, be patient and ask your angels to help you hear their answer.  Sometimes you may hear whispering or many voices and you do not understand what they are saying.  Simply ask your angels to speak louder or one at a time. You can also ask the angel or spirit to identify themselves or tell you their name.   Just ask  whatever you would like.  To develop your ability to hear angelic messages practice asking questions and then journal or write down the answers that you hear.   Just trust whatever you may hear and write it down without questioning or judging it.  Remember that divine guidance is repetitive, consistent, loving and for your highest good.   

Angel Communication

Clairsentience  (Clear Feeling)

Having a "gut feeling", hunch or physical sensations such as goose bumps, tingling, muscles tensing are related to the angel communication method of clairsentience.  You may feel temperature or pressure changes in or around your body including feeling warm suddenly.  Sometimes this can be feeling pressure or tightness around your head or feeling as if someone touched you or your hair.  The physical sensation may be a sign or confirmation that a statement is true of simply of the angels presence.  Clairsentience may involve you smelling flowers, smoke, cologne/perfume or some other distinctive scent when there is no source nearby.   Feeling different emotions suddenly or unrelated to your surroundings in included in this area.  You may become very sensitive or empathetic to other peoples emotions or the energy of your environment.   This angel communication method is associated with the heart chakra, which is in the center of your chest.

To develop your clairsentience it is helpful to take better care of your body.  Do cardiovascular exercise such as walking, jogging or yoga.  Eat light and healthy foods, to help you remain more aware.  Get a massage or take a bath.  Anything that helps you get more in touch with your body and be more aware of how it feels.  You can also do some physical touch exercises.  Close your eyes and touch different objects slowly, paying attention to the physical sensations and textures. 

Claircognizance  (Clear Knowing)

Spend Time in NatureThe crown chakra at the top of your head is associated with this method of angel communication.  Claircognizance is knowledge or information that you "just know" to be true but you do not know how you know the information.  Ideas, insights, inspirations or facts just come to you seemingly "out of the blue".  These ideas or messages are usually positive and repetitive.  They also may be service orientated, telling you do something that will help or inspire others.  Angels and spirit tend to guide us by giving us one clue at a time similar to a treasure hunt.  The message may be to call a certain person, read a certain book, go to a certain place etc.  The trick is to trust and follow it even though it may not make sense at the time. 

Meditation will help you to increase your claircognizance.  Focussing on one thing such as your breath, counting to 10 or a word will help you to quiet your mind.  When we are able to stop the constant mental chatter, we are better able to receive the divine guidance.  You can start with just 5 minutes per day and gradually increase to 20 - 30 minutes.  Spend time alone in nature to also help yourself to be more receptive.  Look, listen and feel what is around you in nature.  Bring yourself back to what you are experiencing now, in the present, each time you start thinking about the past, the future or what you want for supper!  Be present in the moment. With practice this will become easier and you will feel more relaxed.

This information is only an introduction.  I strongly encourage you to research more information on the internet, read books, attend seminars, talk to like minded people and follow your intuition.  Practice asking your angels for guidance, pay attention for signs or messages,  trust and follow what direction you receive.  Enjoy the journey as you will learn and grow along the way!