Orbs are translucent balls or spheres of energy, which are comprised of spiritual matter and consciousness. Many people believe that the orbs are spiritual beings of some sort, such as angels or spirit guides.  They are most commonly shades of white but can also be different colors such as blue or green.   Colored orbs are more rare and can be angels or archangels.  Orbs are benign and harmless, as they are spirits "going about their business".  

These orbs have been captured on film with increased frequency.  A flash generally needs to be used to be able to see them in the photo.  The light of the flash seems to illuminate or reflect off of them, enabling them to show up in the photo.  I encourage you to look through your own pictures for orbs.  Often, you do not even notice them when you are not aware of orbs.  Sometimes, the spiritual entity may choose to be seen in the photo but generally it is a random coincidence.  You can even ask for orbs to appear in your photographs when you are taking them.  Be patient to see results.  This should happen more if you ask and take orb photos on a regular basis.  Some people even have the ability to see these orbs with their normal sight.  Here are a variety of orb photos for you to check out. 

If you have any orb photos that you would like to share or post on this website, please send them to me at      I will indicate that you provided the orb photo and any brief background information you feel is relevant.

                                                                            ORB PHOTOS 

Orb photo

Photograph of blue orb with an orange ring, directly above my head, as I pose with Bill Bartmann in California


Large White Orbs

A whole bunch of large white orbs in a backyard!


Unique Orbs Photo

This photo has many different and very unique orbs. Check out the solid one near the top center that looks like the sun! They are all different colors and shapes. This home is accross the street from a cemetary from the 1800's and the owners apparently experience alot of spiritual activity!


Canyon de Chelly, Arizona

This orb photo was taken during a Navajo Indian fire ceremony in Canyon de Chelly in Arizona.  Take note of the large orange orb and the faint, very large, purplish-blue orb in the top, center of the photo.


Crawford Lake

This orb photo was taken in a native long house at Crawford Lake, near Milton, Ontario.  There is a large, faint orb on the right side.


Dundurn Castle

This is a very distinct and bright orange orb in front of Dundurn Castle in Hamilton, Ontario.  I initially thought it was the moon when I first looked at the picture!


Old Home Theater

This was taken in an empty and rarely used mansion in Las Vegas, Nevada.  I was surprised to see how many orbs there were and wonder what movie the spirits were watching!


Las Vegas Mansion

This orb photo was taken outside of the same Las Vegas mansion as above. There is a fair sized white orb above the horse statue.


Blue Orb

Notice the faint blue orb in the top right hand corner of this computer store.