In Person Session

  • Reiki sessions are done while you are fully clothed and laying down on a massage table.   Depending on the situation,  it can be completed while you are sitting down. It is also possible for a Reiki treatment to be done at a distance, while you are at home and I am in a different location. This is discussed more below.  Another option is for me to go to your home    to complete the in person treatment.  
  • For an "in person" session, you will generally begin lying on your back with soft, relaxing music in the background. 
  • I place my hands lightly on or a few inches above your body, depending on your preference, in various locations such as your head, shoulders, stomach, legs or feet. The location and length of time in each location will vary from person to person and session to session, based on your individual needs. 
  • You are always free to talk or ask questions during the session and remaining quiet and present will deepen your experience. Pay attention to anything you may feel, see, hear or experience. 
  • During the session, you may experience the healing Reiki energy as heat, tingling or pressure. You may also have insights or realizations about your situation, feel or release different emotions, feel nothing at all or even fall asleep. Whatever happens is perfectly fine as each session for each person is very different and unique. You will experience and receive what you need at that time. Very common experiences are of deep relaxation, peacefulness and pain relief. 
  • I often receive intuitive insights or spiritual messages during the session related to your situation, health concern or personal growth. I will share these insights with you during or   after the session, and sometimes both. 
  • Afterwards, we will sit down and discuss your experience. All information discussed is kept completely confidential. 
  • The healing can continue up to 24 hours after the session has ended, so simply be aware of anything you may experience. 
  • In person sessions are generally 30, 60 or 90 minutes in length, including some discussion at the end. 



Reiki Sessions Feel Amazing!






  • Distance Reiki is where the Reiki practitioner and the recipient are in different locations and the spiritual healing energy is sent to the person over the distance. The amount of distance does not matter, as they could be within the same city or in different countries. 
  • This can be a challenging idea for some people to understand and believe, as they wonder " How is that be possible?" 
  • Energy is energy, even if it is invisible. Some examples are wind and electricity, both of which are invisible, yet important and accepted sources of energy. Reiki healing energy comes from the universe, so it is present everywhere, all of the time. 
  • Reiki is a spiritual healing energy that has a type of intelligence. The Reiki practitioner learns how to work with the energy and sends it to the person receiving the treatment, regardless of where they are. 


     Distance Reiki Session


  • Distance Reiki sessions are shorter in length and generally last only 20 - 30 minutes. 
  • I would need your first and last name or of the person needing the treatment. A picture would be beneficial but not required. 
  • We would arrange a time when you would ideally not be disturbed and you would simply sit or lay down. You just relax and be mindful of anything that you may experience. Despite the distance, you may be surprised that you feel physical sensations in your body during the session such as heat, tingling or pressure. 
  • Depending on your circumstances and if you are unable to set aside this time, it is possible for you to do a quiet activity or even go about your normal business, while the session is completed. 
  • Afterwards, we would connect and discuss our experiences. I also receive intuitive insights and spiritual messages during these sessions that I will share with you. 
  • This is a nice and easy way to try out Reiki, if you are curious but hesitant. 


Distant Reiki Healing

Reflect upon your present blessings,

of which every person has many;

not on your past misfortunes,

of which all people have some.


-  Charles Dickens