Every living being is surrounded by an electromagnetic energy field called an Aura. For example, all plants, animals and people have auras.  The energy field your aura vibrates at different frequencies and reflects the state of your mind and body.  The different vibrations of energy in your aura are displayed as different colors, each of which have different meanings.  The meanings of these aura colors are explained in a chart below.  You can practice feeling your aura by placing your two hands in front of you, palms facing each other.  Hold your hands about 12 inches apart, as if you were holding a ball.  Now slowly move your hands toward each other and pay attention to the feeling or sensations in your hands.  You may start to feel pressure, resistance or heat the closer you move your hands together.  This is your aura.  Try it with your eyes closed, to get a better "feel" for the energy.  Practice and play with this until you become familiar with the sensation or feeling or your auras engergy.

How to see Auras

One method of seeing auras is to look just above the persons head or look at the middle of their forehead. Look at one point and allow your eyes to relax.  You should then begin to notice a hazy or whitish outline around the persons head.  It may also be a variety of different colors or sizes.  You can do this for any living object such as animals and even plants.  In the beginning, the aura may be easier to see if the backgroud behind the person is a solid color.  For example you could use a section of wall with no pictures etc.   Practice consistently and your ability to see auras will improve!

How big is your Aura?

Auras can extend from a few inches to many feet out from the body.  You can even learn to move your aura using your breath and intention.  For example, if you are in a situation where there are lots of different people or you sense negativity you can breath in and imagine you are "sucking in" your aura close to your body.  Similarly if you want to be more open and receptive you can breath out and imagine your aura expanding outwards.  It is your intention that is important when doing this.  You can find out the size of your aura by using dowsing rods.  Dowsing rods are two usually metal rods that are shaped like an "L".  They are traditionally used to find water sources.  You can make your own by using a pair of metal hangers.  Cut them and bend them into an "L" shape.  Hold the short ends in your hands loosely as if you were holding an ice cream cone and have the long ends pointed out in front of you.  Stand a good distance away from the person, animal, tree or plant as some auras can be even 15 feet outwards from the person.  Again it is important to set the intention and state that you want the dowsing rods to indicate where the outside rim of the aura is.  Start with the long ends of the rods pointed straight out parallel in front of you, with your arms bent 90 o  to the floor.  Then start to walk towards the person slowly and the rods will cross together in front of you when you reach the outside of their aura.


Aura PhotographsAura Photograph

You can actually now have a photograph taken of your aura, using a special camera.  They will have this camera at your local psychic fair, which are usually held a couple of times each year in each city.  They will sometimes have them at health and wellness  fairs as well.  The aura photographs are quite interesting and you can get them taken every year or every other year to see how your aura changes in size and color.  An example of a aura photograph is shown to the right.  You will also get a head and shoulders photo of you with your aura.  You place your finger tips on these metal pads which pick up on the electromagnetic energy of your aura. You will also receive information such as the size and strength of your aura.  It will generally be larger and stronger when you are healthy and open spiritually.  The aura photograph will also show seven energy centers in your body called chakras.  The chakras are the colors seen in the photograph to the right and there are also different meanings associated with each chakra as well as its size, shape and clarity of color.


Aura Colors

Each colour of your Aura has a different vibrational Frequency and is associated with seven major chakras, or energy centres, in your body. The colours of your Aura reflect your Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual energy. Each colour has a unique vibration, providing us with insight and guidance to facilitate change and transformation, both inside and outside of us.

Red Active, Competitive, Winner, Strong-willed, Sexual.  Relates to circulation, heart and physical body.
Orange Creative, Productive, Adventurous, Fun-loving.  Relates to the reproductive organs and emotional body.
Orange/Yellow Analytical thinker, Intelligent, Secure, Scientific, Detail-oriented, Perfectionist.
Yellow Creative, Intelligent, Playful, Optimistic, Easy-going.   Relates to the Solar Plexus and Life Force energy.
Gold Abundance, Lightness, Knowledge and Wisdom, Angelic connection.
Yellow/Green Communicative, Creative with heart, Generous.
Green Teacher, Social, Communicator, Loves people, animals and nature, Balanced.  Relates to the Heart, Lungs, Immune System.
Turquoise Healer and Therapist, Communicative and sensitive.  Relates to the Thymus.
Blue Caring, Sensitive, Loving, Helpful, Intuitive, Loves to help others.  Relates to the Heart, Throat and Self-expression.
Indigo Intuitive, Clear, Loyal, Deep feelings, Self-realized.  Relates to the Third Eye, Visual Organs, Sinus, Nose & Ears
Violet Intuitive, Visionary, Magical, Spiritual, Futuristic, Idealistic.  Relates to the Central Nervous System & Crown Chakra
Pink Self-love, Sensitive, Sensual, Compassionate, Unconditional love and Pure love.
Magenta Visionary, Artistic, Unique, Spiritual
White Spiritual, High Energy Vibrations