Photographs of spirits and spiritual beings tend to be more rare.  Spiritual beings can include angels, archangels, faries and spirit guides.  They are similar to orbs but they take on a more distinct shape and form.  These types of photographs are very unique and help one to really open up to the possibility of spirits and spiritual beings.  These photographs are more difficult to explain as caused by some "normal phenomenon" such as dust on the lens.  Enjoy the photographs and please Contact Me to send me any other spirit photographs that you would like to share. 


Spiritual Photograph of Blue Spirit

                      Spiritual Photograph of Blue Spirit

These two spirit photographs were taken right after each other.  If you look closely you can see that the blue spirit form is translucent or see through and has changed shape slightly.


  Spirit Photograph of White Fairy                  Spirit Photograph of White Fairy   

These two spirit photographs appear to show a small white spiritual being resembling a fairy.  It seems to be running in the bottom left corner in the first photograph and then appears to be flying away in the top right of the second photograph.


Glowing Spiritual Being

This spirit photograph is quite dramatic and shows what looks like a large glowing angelic being hovering.