The Law of Attraction has always existed but most people did not know about it.  The success of the movie and book called "The Secret" has helped bring this law to the awareness of many more people.  The secret that they refer to is of course the Law of Attraction.  The movie and book illustrate what the Law of Attraction is, how it works and what it can be applied to.   The movie is an introduction to the Law of Attraction and it is interesting. 

Esther and Jerry Hicks were one of the original people to introduce the Law of Attraction to people, over 20 years ago. The information was provided by Abraham, who is actually of a group of non-physical or spiritual beings, who communicate through Esther Hicks.  They chose the name Abraham after Abraham Lincoln, as they want to be viewed as teachers.  They share their infinite wisdom through various seminars, books, CD's and DVD's.  They have also created their own DVD entitled "The Secret Behind The Secret", to provide more clarity to the original movie.  I recommend that you go to a seminar or check out their material.  It is a very unique and interesting experience seeing and hearing Abraham channelled through Esther Hicks.  I believe The Law of Attraction was their first book and it is the basis for the rest of their teachings.

 The Law of Attraction is built on the idea that everything is energy, which vibrates at different frequencies or speeds.  Everything is an energy vibration before it becomes a physical reality.   So, you need to be in the same vibration as whatever you want, in order to attract it.  This Law of Attraction is like the Law of Gravity, in that it works regardless if you are aware of it or not.  It also works to attract negative and positive things or events alike.  You attract whatever you  focus on.  So, ask yourself what do you give most of your attention and energy to?  Then look at your current circumstances and they are most likely a reflection of it. 

The very first step in the Law of Attraction is identifying exactly what it is that you want.  The problems or events in your life that you view as negative are a source of contrast and help you to become aware of what you do not want.  Therefore, you should accept and embrace these "problems" as they help you to identify what you want.   These things are generally the opposite of what you do not want.  Abraham teaches a concept that the vibration of everything that we want is held a vibrational escrow, or holding place.  What you want is waiting for your personal vibration to match it, in order for it to manifest into physical reality.  The vibrational energy in this source of creation is higher frequency, positive vibration.  It is important to be specific and exact with what you want. 

The next step of the Law of Attraction is changing your current energy vibration to match the positive vibration of what you want. You need to be in vibrational alignment with what you want. Your emotions are your source of guidance in this area.  Generally, negative emotions and feelings hold a lower energy vibration and positive feelings hold a higher energy vibration. The analogy of emotions on a scale or continuum is helpful here.  Negative emotions like despair and anger are at one end of the continuum and positive emotions like love and joy are at the other end. The more positive emotions you are feeling the closer you are to your escrow of what you want. You want to be feeling the positive emotions such as optimism, hopefulness and excitement. You need to assess and be aware of where you are on this emotional continuum currently and at all times.   You will feel increasing relief and comfort as you move towards being aligned with your escrow of dreams.  You will feel increasing tension and stress, when you are moving away from your dreams.

The way to actually change your feelings and thus vibration is the challenging part that most people miss or do not fully understand.  Remember your goal is to stay in positive feelings as much as possible to be in the same vibration as what you are trying to attract.  YOU HAVE THE CAPACITY TO FEEL BETTER THAN YOU DO NOW BY CHOOSING  WHAT YOU FOCUS ON.  If something upsetting happens, you just need to focus on feeling a little bit better than you are currently feeling.  Talk yourself through the situation until you start feeling a bit better about it.  Then keep doing this step by step until you work your way back up the continuum to a positive mood.  For example,  say you are feeling angry because you lost your job.  It is going to be very difficult to feel happy and joyous, so that you can attract your dream job.   So, you focus on the possible positive aspects of the situation and tell yourself that you did not like your job anyways.  This should bring you up the scale to feeling accepting that you lost your job.  Then you could maybe tell yourself that now you have a chance to find a job that pays more money and you start to feel hopeful.  Then you start to imagine your dream job and you start feeling happy and excited.  There, you made it back into a positive mood, so you are again in vibrational alignment with attracting what you want. 

Emotional Continuum

     Depression  Hatred  Anger  Frustration  Acceptance  Hopeful  Excitement  Joy  Love

Another strategy for changing your mood to a more positive one, is to simply change what you are focussing on.  If something negative happens or you think of a negative event then think of or do something that makes you feel happy and positive.  For example, think of something you really want to attract and why you want it and then imagine what you would feel like if it were already true.  Stay in this positive feeling for 68 seconds and you will change your mood and vibration to a positive one about that situation.

The Law of Attraction


The third step in the Law of Attraction is to stay focussed on what you want and moving towards it This means to think about what it would FEEL like to have, be or do what you want. Then focus on that feeling, talk about what it would be like, take actions to help you feel "as if" it were already true. This is a key point that alot of people do not do. It is the FEELING or sensation of having what you want that changes your vibration to align with it. Train yourself to have an attitude of being successful. Remember YOU have the power to choose what you focus on and give your attention to. Keep yourself feeling good and in alignment with what you want to attract. There are some actions you can take to help you with this, including:


Create a vision board with pictures of what you want to do, be or have.
Visualize yourself everyday already doing, being or having what you want and involve ALL your senses.
Surround yourself with, pay attention to or study people who do or have what you want.
Take actions and do things regularly to make it more real for you such as going to an expensive restaurant or test driving your dream car.
Surround yourself with positive, supportive and like-minded people.
Be appreciative of what you have and the positive aspects of your life.
Pay attention to your feelings to keep you on track.
Be patient and trust that you are attracting what you want.  BELIEVE it is going to happen.
Remember to stay focussed on what it would FEEL like to already have what you want.
Create positive affirmations about what you want and say them everyday. Put them in the present tense, starting with I am....
Create a CD audio recording of your positive affirmations and listen to it in the car or when you go to sleep.

Make a video of what you want including your positive affirmations, beautiful images and inspirational music. Watch it daily.

Stay focussed on what is going well in your life and the positive qualities of those around you.

Take responsibility for your own emotions and learn to mange them.

There are many programs and businesses on the internet that provide services to create the items above, if you need some additional guidance.   The Law of Attraction is powerful, so practice these steps and you will attract what you want into your life.  Then just keep repeating this process of wanting something and then vibrationally aligning yourself with it.    Be a continuous learner to keep growing and expanding.  The universe is abundant!